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No computer problem is too big or too small!
Having troubles figuring out what is wrong with your computer? Bring it in to Computer Renaissance and we'll give you a full read out of the exact problem(s). We test all hardware and software related problems!

Quick Counter Diagnostics - $25.00
Full Hardware/Software Diagnostics: $49.99


We'll tune up, service, and tweek your computer!
Is your computer slower than when you first purchased it? Over time, most computers become a jumble of hardware add-ons and software plugins that often slow a computer to a crawl. Computer Renaissance will optimize, tune up, tweek, and rejunventate your computer back to life!, Includes adware and spyware removal.

Computer Overhaul - $89.99

Data Recovery

Need important informatin recovered from a broken computer or device?
Computer Renaissance will recover any lost data from useable devices, then we'll transfer it to another computer, CD, DVD, Hard Disk, Flash Drive, etc. Give us the broken computer or device and we'll recover for you!

Data Recovery up to 4 CD's or 1 DVD: $149.99
Additional CD or DVD: $10.00

Data Transfer

Need important informatin transferred from one computer or device to another?
Computer Renaissance will take any wanted data and transfer it to any medi of your choice. We'll transfer to another computer, CD, DVD, Hard Disk, Flash Drive, etc. You tell us, and we'll transfer!

Computer/Device to Computer/Device: $59.99
4 CD's or 1 DVD: $79.99
Additional CD or DVD: $10.00

Expedite Service

Need your computer fixed immediately?
Computer Renaissance offers expedited service for all services and repairs.

24hr Turn Around (if parts are in stock): $49.99
Same Day Turn Around (if parts are in stock): $74.99

Hardware or Component Installation

Buy from our store and we'll install FREE!
Computer Renaissance will install any type of hardware whether it's an extra hard drive, a new DVD/Blu-Ray player, or a new graphics card. Let our professional technicians insure the hardware is installed correctly the first time.

RAM/Memory: $29.99 -- Power Supply: $39.99
CPU/Processor: $49.99 -- Hard/Optical Drive: $39.99
Expansion/Add-on Card: $29.99

Malware - Virus/Spyware/Trojan/Adware Removal

Does your computer have a virus or bug?
Does your computer have an infection you aren't quite sure how to fix? Computer Renaissance will clean your computer and remove all annoyances by sending it through the toughest and most thorough malware scans that no other store can match! This service is the most extensive tune up you can find.

Virus/Spyware Removal - $119.99

Operating System Installation

Want your computer back to factory settings?
Computer Renaissance will reinstall or install your operating system to bring back your computer's factory settings. No matter if its Windows, Mac, or a Linux operating system, reinstalling the operating system will put the most speed back into your sluggish computer.

Operating System Installation - Windows: $99.99
Operating System Installation - Mac: $99.99
Operating System Installation - Linux: $99.99

Physical Cleaning and Dusting

Is your computer filled with dust, dirt, or grime?
Computer Renaissance will throughly clean and wipe your computer free of dust, dirt, and grime. Many computer issues can be related to dust and dirt build up, and a full dust/clean out can help keep your computer cooler and quieter.

Wipe Down and Dusting: $14.99
Dusting: $9.99
Wipe Down: $9.99

Pickup and Delivery

Onsite Work
Have us come out to your home or office to solve your problems when it is not possible to bring everything to us!**

2 hours for $149.99
Each additional hour: $89.99

**Within a 10 mile travel radius. Each additional mile: $1.95

Software/Program Installation

Need or want software or a program installed?
Computer Renaissance will help install all the software you would like. It doesn't matter what it is, from Microsoft Office 2003 to AVG Antivirus to Apple's newest version of Roxio Toast, we'll install it for you.

Software/Program Installation: $29.99
Software/Program Installation: FREE if purchased from our store!

Standard Labor Rate

Computer Renaissance's standard labor rate for additional services.

Labor Rate: $89.99

Laptop Charger and Battery

Need a new battery or charger?
Computer Renaissance sells new, used, and refurbished laptop chargers and batteries for all brands of laptops. We carry new, used, and refurbished chargers and batteries in stock. Call today!

A/C or Power Adapters: $19.99-$99.99
Battery: $19.99-$149.99

Laptop Keyboard

Are you missing keys on the keyboard? Are your keys worn down from overuse?
Computer Renaissance can order and replace your keys and/or keyboard. We sell new, used, and refurbished keys and keyboards for any brand laptop. Order the parts from our store and installation labor is FREE!

Keys: $10.00 each
Keyboards: $9.99-$99.99

Laptop Power Port Repair

Is your laptop not charging or turning on anymore? Does your power adapter need held in place to charge the battery?
Computer Renaissance can fix or replace all the components that handle charging or turning on your laptop. A laptops power port becomes loose over time and use, and eventually has troubles charging the battery. Our professional technicians can repair or replace the malfunctioning parts.

Power Port Repair: $149.99
Power Port Replace: $199.99
Replacement Charger: $19.99-$99.99
Replacement Battery: $19.99-$149.99

Screen Replacement

Is your laptop's screen cracked, scratched, or broken? Maybe you just want a new screen.
Computer Renaissance can replace your laptop's screen. We can provide new, used, or refurbished screens, and if you purchase the parts from our store the labor for FREE!

New Screens: $199.99 and up
Refurbished Screens: $149.99 and up
Used Screens: $149.99 and up

We Support All Major Brands!

We support all major brands!

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