Testimonials From Our Customers

"Your staff was very friendly. Thanks for the generosity."

"It was a pleasure to visit your showroom and have the computer delivered that night. I absolutely love the Dell computer and look forward to using it for many years to come."
-Sue Birowsky

"You were able to fix my computer cost effectively and quickly, while other sources that I contacted (Dell, Vonage, and Comcast) had no idea what the problem actually was."
-Wes Wagner

"Over the past two years I have really gotten into computers and gaming on them as I find it a much better experience overall. The problem is there are not that many places in Delaware where you can find a good Computer shop for hardware, software, along with support. The prices, pieces of hardware they carry, and the support of the employees is just spectacular. There is no other place I would go besides here, and I would suggest it to anyone ranging from a new computer user, all the way to a computer geek (Like me 5 star rating across the board."
-Jim M

"A great little shop with good deals on used parts; they have some easy cables and adapters that Walmart doesn't keep in stock. Their used parts are definitely worth checking on if you don't need all-new features. Personally, I got a used CD drive there and had my computer checked-up on when it refused to turn on at home. It worked without issue in the store, and they didn't charge for the service as they didn't do anything to it -- my kind of honesty!"

"You have a choice to buy and deal with Best Buys (across the street) with staff that don't care and charge you for everything or go to Computer Renaissance with the most knowledgeable staff. I'm not the most computer savvy person, but they never make me feel dumb! Even when my husband melted our system with virus after virus, I took the tower in and they always got it back in working order in no time flat with a minimum cost. I finally broke down and bought a new system this xmas, I can't think of going anyplace else. Great staff, great prices, knowledgeable, friendly, they are willing to talk to you without charging you for their time!"

"I have been shopping there several years and every time I go in there it is Friendly and Knowledgeable staff. I am always in there looking for random stuff, and if they don't have it, they will either find it or tell me who does. Their Honestly, Knowledge have kept me a loyal customer for several years, and for the years to come. Thank you."
-Eric C.

"I have been going to Computer Renaissance for many years. When I lived in PA, I went to the store in Springfield, PA. Then when I moved to DE, I found the one on Kirkwood Hwy. The guys are very helpful & always willing to answer any computer question you may have. The service is excellent. I have traded in computers and upgraded. I love this store & would highly recommend it!"

"The computer and laptop work great thanks to you. Thanks again for all your effort, and most especially, for being a great person!"
-Frank N.

"I have recommended Computer Renaissance to family and friends. The staff have repaired and upgraded my computers which I use for my primary source of income. They are my first source for computer supplies, service, and information if we cannot figure out the issue ourselves since their staff members are friendly and professional and their prices are reasonable. They often have tips and specials in their newsletter and sometimes have valuable coupons."

"After many failed attempts by other computer companies to have my computer problems repaired,and a new computer and networking installed for my small business, I contacted Chris at Computer Renaissance. He troubleshooted all the issues, completely and competently installed my new computer and networking, and even came to my home to resolve issues with my home computers. They are efficient, friendly, and always available, I will never go anywhere else."
-Sara C.

"Computer Renaissance helped me start a business! In 2006 I had the opportunity to start a business by picking up the pieces of a failed business. We didn't have the money to buy new equipment so I walked into Computer Renaissance with a dozen old and beat up machines. They worked to optimize each and every machine by adding more memory, completing system installs, or cleaning hard drives, etc. Believe it or not we are still using these computers today. As we grow we continue to use Computer Renaissance to cost effectively build us machines for specific purposes. I'm not a technical person and it's a huge relief to walk in and and tell the guys what I need. They then put something together from what they have that meets my needs far cheaper than new equipment. The one machine that sticks out the most is when I had them put in a new power supply on a computer that we needed. Money is always tight and they didn't have a power supply for the particular machine although they did have one that would work. However, it would not fit inside the casing. I told them to do it and we still use this machine today in our storage room and have fondly named it Frankenstein!"

"I was lucky enough to find Computer Renaissance years ago. I had been all to other "so called" computer repair shops. Not one of them CompUSA, Best Buy or Staples has every come close to the knowledge that the guys at CR shows. They are not just knowledgeable, but they approachable, they answer all your questions in terms you can understand. They take the time to make sure to understand your needs and help you pick out the computer to fit your needs. Whether it is an upgraded computer or just tweaking your old computer they are there for you. "

"I find these guys to be a well liked store in the Wilmington area. I have never heard anything negative about their service, which is saying something in this day and age. This is the place to bring an ailing laptop.I have brought them three laptops and never had to wait more than a week at the most for the repair"
-Tom Bomadil

"I was immensely impressed with Ians broad knowledge of computers and the fact hes very detail oriented. After the purchase of my Dell computer, Ian was gracious enough to make several trips to my residence to offer much needed assistance."
-Sue Birowsky

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